Parents and caregivers of LHS Theatre Company members are valuable partners in our theatre program at Lakewood High School. Parents provide the support students need during production cycles by more than just sharing encouraging words at home! The LHS Theatre Company Booster Club is an unofficial booster club comprised of parents and guardians who want to support students as they're putting up shows or getting involved in the greater LHS community.

Parents typically help in the following ways:

Dinner Mamas and Papas: provide food to cast and crews the week of each designated show. This job can be a big one. During fall productions, parents serve between 50-75 students five nights a week. During musical productions, that number can reach around 200! All the help you're willing to give is appreciated by all!

Concessions Mamas and Papas: these individuals provide baked goods or salty treats for concession sales during shows. Sometimes concessions work on a theme. More often than not, we're willing and happy to accept anything you're willing to donate!

Production Mamas and Papas: these individuals are handy in some way or another, whether it's hemming costumes, painting or building, or working to locate hard to find props, our production parents help bring several technical aspects of the show together. 

If you're interested in supporting the LHS Theatre Company as a booster, please reach out to Deb Luther at

Thank you to the boosters who support our storytelling every step of the way!