Thespian Troupe 1697

Please note that Thespian Points will be revised during the 2023-2024 season in order to foster a more inclusive and fair community.  Your current Thespian officers recognize that there are discrepancies in the current system, and are working to revise it.  If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the updating of the Thespian Point system, please feel free to utilize the suggestion box in the theatre room.

Lakewood High School is the proud home of Thespian Troupe 1697, an affiliate of the International Thespian Society under the Educational Theatre Association.

To earn membership into Thespian Troupe 1697, students must log 35 hours of work on and back stage in the LHS Theatre Company as freshmen, or 30 hours as upperclassmen. 5 points can be transferred from a junior troupe or community work for membership into the troupe. Once a student earns 30 points (35 for freshmen), they successfully lettered in LHS Theatre. 

Becoming a Thespian is an honor and carries with it the responsibility of leadership. Thespian members receive induction honors at the end of the year banquet, can run for office, attend the Colorado State Thespian Conference each year, and act as stewards of what it means to be a part of the LHS Theatre Company. In addition, Thespians in good standing upon graduation (minimum 2.5 GPA with active, ongoing membership in the troupe) earn an honor cord to wear at graduation. 

Please refer to our Thespian Points Guide below to see what your participation is worth. If you have any questions, see one of the Company directors. Points are due in January and April of each school year to earn induction into the troupe. 

Honor bars may also be achieved through continued dedication to the program.

Thespian Point Values

In addition to Thespian points awarded for participating in LHSTC productions, it is also possible to gain points through participating in activities with the LHSTC, and being in leadership roles for the LHSTC.  Thespian points awarded for being a part of the LHS Theatre Company community are listed below.

Other & Officers

Thespian Point Values

As students partake in productions and activities with the LHSTC, it is highly recommended that they fill out a Thespian point tracker. Thespian Troupe 1697 inductees are required to turn in this tracker in March every year to earn induction to the Troupe.  

To use the Thespian point tracker, simply print or make a copy of the document linked below. To make a copy of the document, click File > Make a Copy.  To Properly fill out the tracker, follow the instructions on the tracking document.